Enrolled: 1 student
Duration: 40 min.
Lectures: 20

From this course, you will gain the basic knowledge about the dynamics of the stakeholder group. The stakeholder group has been growing for several years, meaning we have a new challenge in handling diversity and dysfunction. At 5 or more people in the buying team, the likelihood of making a decision drops dramatically to 53%.  So when 80% of the senior sales leaders reported in a Gartner analysis that the number of customer stakeholders involved in a typical deal continues to rise, you’ve got a real challenge. Unlike customer diversity, which is largely out of your control, customer dysfunction is something you can do something about – but probably not very well given conventional sales and marketing strategy, as conventional sales and marketing approaches cannot solve this challenge, because this is a problem the conventional methods were never designed to solve.

In this course, you will learn what are the challenges of handling several stakeholders. Group dynamics with a focus on diversity and dysfunction. What are the loyalty drivers in the stakeholder group and for the decision maker?  Why is the Mobilizer crucial for you? What characterizes top performers in handling the stakeholder group? and of course why Assessments are so brilliant in helping you in handling the stakeholder group.


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