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To most sales reps, the first challenge with a potential customer is to get their foot in the door. After that step, there can be many other obstacles that can compromise the deal. It can be hard to figure out, who is the actual decision-makers, and who are influential stakeholders. So one thing is getting your foot in the door, the next thing is to find out who to target, and how to target these decision-makers and stakeholders. Some can be easy to connect with, others can be notoriously difficult to reach.

When some persons are notoriously difficult to reach, and it can be impossible to get your foot in the door, you should seek out others in the company. It could be another primary stakeholder, and it could also be a stakeholder who is not directly involved in the buying process, or it could be a key influencer. You need to find someone who can pave the way for you and help you move forward in the organization

What you are looking for is the “Mobilizer”. The idea behind looking for a Mobilizer is that in most organizations there will be these Mobilizers, and if they have recognized something that they believe is worth addressing, they will be committed to exploring it further.

The Mobilizer can be described as your partner inside the customer organization and should be your helping hand, your wing-man in getting the other stakeholders to meet, convince them and help you win them over. By engaging your Mobilizer effectively you can create advocates within the organization who will put you on the inside track to success.

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