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Duration: 1 Hour and 15 minutes
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Level: Advanced

Prospecting today is not like in the old days, where all activities mostly were by the use of cold calling and making cold calling typically results in people losing their enthusiasm and interest.

It’s a COMPLETELY different game today, and if you’re really good you can do prospecting without using your phone. Prospecting has become a really interesting game, where it is more a question of being creative, combining different communication channels, creating a strong structure, and being consistent. One of the related areas you also need to be good at is storytelling. Stories should contain hooks that get and hold the listener’s attention. Good storytelling can create alignment between your business and your prospects and customers.

Still, we see people start with great enthusiasm and a high energy lever, and after some time, the same people lose focus, energy, and motivation. A part of prospecting is also how you maintain your motivation and secure high self-discipline.

Throughout this course, you will come across what we define as successful steps in prospecting. Areas we will cover are positioning, building trust, storytelling, connecting, engaging (getting your meetings), looking for mobilizers, mindsets, motivation, and goal routines. And of course how GAP Assessments empower you in all the steps towards winning more, in a way that is efficient and time-saving for you.

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