CircleOfEnablement is a self-development area where anyone can at any time find inspiration and receive guidance on topics such as building an assessment, best practices for engaging stakeholders, or where to gain insight and how to understand reports, etc.

Technical onboarding, Value-based onboarding and MasterClasses

Brief e-learning modules, lasting between 5 to 10 minutes, designed to instruct on the utilization of InsightsRadar. Our value-based modules provide insights and techniques for maximizing your use of InsightsRadar, including strategies for engaging respondents in assessments. Elevate your skills through our MasterClasses, a collection of self-paced online courses tailored to enhance your expertise.



Unlock new opportunities at seminars, workshops and network presentations UK

Understand how GAP assessments can proactively enhance content quality and improve participant experiences in these events resu...

Seminar, workshop og netværks optimering DK

Forstå, hvordan GAP-Assessments proaktivt kan forbedre indholdet og forbedre deltagernes oplevelse, og sikre jer en stærkere po...